Green Oil drive chain & bicycle brush


Green Oil brush

Green Oil Bicycle Brush was born out of a desire to make a quality brush, with a traditional edge. And not have plastic spikes sticking into your wet fingers!
The Bicycle Brush is also the World’s first FSC certified bike product. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification guarantees the sustainability of wood. (New trees are planted after being chopped down. Lots of wood in the UK is illegally cut and from forests illegally and immorally cut, but turned into new product overseas and sold in the West)
This sustainable wood forms the ergonomic handle which feels great.

Designed to last, not wear out fast. When developing this brush we were offered bristles which would be stiff but wear out within a year.
To use these would be against the Green Oil ethos, and instead we chose durable bristles which don’t clog like plastic ones
They soften slightly when wet, can be scrubbed extremely hard without damage and are plant based.
Each brush is expected to last 10 years. The Bicycle Brush is ‘Sustainable’ in more than one way!

– Made in Britain
– Has a luxury sustainably sourced, ergonomic wood handle
– Utilizes plant based bristles
– Is designed to last many years of use – ‘a brush for life’

What is the Bicycle Brush for?

Scrubbing your chain and sprocket primarily, but also wheel cleaning, as a claw brush for sprocket sets, for hard to reach bits, wheel rims and spoke cleaning.
The Bicycle Brush was developed in part because of another brand’s ‘claw brush’. This claw brush had bristles one end, and a spiky handle the other. So you had to wrap your fingers around the spikes to use the brush side. Which of course hurt!

The Bicycle Brush has a burly handle and long bristles -comfortable and with bristles longer than the widest sprocket cog. Its great for cleaning your sprocket set (the cogs on your back wheel), for use as a claw brush to get between the gaps.

The bristles can be a bit harsh at first on some paintwork, but do soften once the brush is ‘broken in’ – after being used to chain scrub and sprocket scrub a few times, the bristles are bristles will be soft enough for nearly all bike frames, yet still tough for chain and sprocket scrubbing.

The unique bristles are plant based, not plastic. That’s better for the environment if you imaging every plastic bristle is a piece of plastic litter.
The Bicycle Brush bristles are durable, though some will appear to fall out on first use – these are loose bristles left over from the manufacturing process.

The Bicycle Brush also has a ‘cog spike’ at the end of the handle. This can be used on dérailleur cogs to remove grime. Green Oil Bicycle Brush bristles don’t clog up easily with mud or grime. Plastic bristles clog with muc and chain grime, the Bicycle Brush bristles do not.

How to use your Bicycle Brush

1. Soak Bicycle Brush bristles in water.
2. If using for frame cleaning, test on a small area to ensure paint compatibility
3. After applying Green Clean or Clean Chain degreaser, use to clean your bike and various parts. On a chain or sprocket, you can scrub very hard without causing the brush damage. See the video with Anna Glowinski below for more.
4. Thoroughly rinse the Bicycle Brush
5. Leave to dry in the sun or on a radiator for a long Bicycle Brush life. Do not store damp in a box as it could go mouldy.


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