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Miss Grape ILcoso


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Miss Grape ILcoso

The Miss Grape ILCOSO is a lightweight, safe, innovative, and modular handlebar bag mount that is designed to solve a number of problems typical of handlebar bags. Its modularity allows it to be installed on drop bar and flat bar handlebars and to bring the bag closer to the headset due to its adjustments, allowing for safer riding. The ILCOSO stand allows for useful hand space without twisting cables and to install, thanks to 3 position slots, a beacon, GPS and possibly a phone.

The holder is made of tenacious PA6 polyamide, which allows elasticity, strength and light weight. The instrument holder tube is made of anodized aluminum. Due to its composition, the mount can be installed on carbon and aluminum handlebars. The stand weighs 320 g complete with long instrument holder clamps and bag holder straps.

  • Recommended bags: Trunk 6, Trunk 8 and Trunk 16 Waterproof bags.
  • Ribbon length: 83 cm.
  • Belt width: 25 mm.
  • Base bracket width: 227 mm.
  • Bracket base height : 98 mm.
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8 mm.
  • Minimum bar clamp width: 83 mm.
  • Maximum recommended diameter (bag): 19 cm.
  • Weight (with long clamps and tapes): 320 g.
  • Max load: 3 kg.
  • Warranty: 3-year.
  • Reference: HBICB.
  • 1x Basic bag holder bracket.
  • 2x Short clamps for installation without instrumentation.
  • 2x Long clamps for installation with instrumentation.
  • 1x Anodized aluminum instrumentation holder tube.
  • 4x 20 mm screws for fixing clamp base.
  • 4x Screws 16 mm for fixing instrumentation.
  • 2x Tape lock rings.
  • 2x Bag holder tapes 83 cm long.
  • 6x Stickers for clamps.
  • 1x Postcard with QR code to assembly video.
  • 1x Sticker “Cluster” Miss Grape.


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