Ortlieb Quick-Rack Light


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Ortlieb Quick-Rack Light


Riders who like a clean look and pay attention to every gram on their bike will love the Quick-Rack Light. Weighing in at only 440 grams, it’s lighter than its big brother, the Quick-Rack. Yet, when it comes to functionality, it is every bit an equal. With two stable side struts, it is suitable for all ORTLIEB panniers, making it extremely flexible. In no time at all, your minimalist and lightweight bike becomes a practical helper for everyday activities like shopping or commuting. In just 15 seconds you can assemble the Quick-Rack Light and then remove it again in a mere 5 seconds. The struts with a 10 mm diameter carry up to 20 kg of luggage.



+ Suitable for 26” and 28” (limited suitability for 29” wheels – up to max. 2.35” tire width)

+ Assembly set included

+ Can be combined with one of three mudguards (depending on tire width)

+ Can be used on full-suspension bicycles



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